"Caerlaverock -
where the unique balance of agriculture, wildfowling and conservation brings people and wildlife together for the benefit of both."

Caerlaverok Estate Conservation


Sir Peter ScottCaerlaverock Estate - conservation in action
Caerlaverock Estate is renowned for its pioneering role in conservation. Lady Mary Mumford's late father Bernard the 16th Duke of Norfolk was a great friend of naturalist Sir Peter Scott who visited the estate on numerous occasions. The two men shared the belief that bringing people and wildlife together brought benefit to both. Truly inspired by this ethos the Duke took innovative and exceptional measures to ensure that shooting, conservation and recreation could take place side by side. Caerlaverock's owner Lady Mary Mumford continues to uphold this ethos which still underpins everything that takes place on the estate today, giving pleasure to the many thousands of people who visit annually.

Working with other organisations
The estate is 5,200 acres in total but large acreages are now leased out to a range of national organisations who manage the different habitats. Supported by public funding they ensure that the family's ethos is still strictly adhered to and perpetuated for future generations.


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