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Haaf Netting

Haaf Netting

Haaf netting, which visitors may see taking place in the river estuary, is a traditional form of fishing using a unique type of framed net which was reputedly introduced to Scotland by the Vikings. Promoting conservation, the relatively short fishing season  runs from the 25th February until the 9th September inclusive. There is no weekend fishing.  Salmon caught before 30th April are returned and all sea trout over 3lb are released from the net unharmed and returned to the river.  Some haaf netters volunteer to use soft string nets to ensure that returned fish are not marked.

Each haaf netter contributes money to a hatchery scheme run by the Nith Salmon Fishery Board to restock tributaries with salmon and sea trout fry.  Decreasing fish stocks among other things have seen a decline in the popularity of this sport but it remains very firmly a part of Caerlaverock's heritage. For more details on haaf netting click here.


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