"Caerlaverock -
where the unique balance of agriculture, wildfowling and conservation brings people and wildlife together for the benefit of both."

Caerlaverock Estate - Wildfowling


For wildfowlers

Controlled wildfowling over a designated zone within part of the NNR is allowed by permit under bye-laws. The wildfowling scheme is overseen by the Caerlaverock Panel for which SNH provides the Chair and Secretary; its members represent local wildfowlers, the land owner, and national shooting and conservation bodies.

The wildfowling season lasts from 1 September to 20 February each year, Applications for permits are accepted from 1 July onwards and are issued on a limited first-come first-served basis.

Full details of Season and short period permits for wildfowling at Caerlaverock as well as application forms can be downloaded from here: www.nnr-scotland.org.uk/caerlaverock/wildfowling/ 

They must be printed, signed, and returned to:

The Issuing Officer  Scottish Natural Heritage Carmont House
The Crichton
Bankend Road

More details
For more information on sea fishing, haaf netting and wildfowling on Caerlaverock Estate contact our gamekeeper Robbie Cowan on 07920 030 007

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