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Inshore Rescue

Inshore Rescue

Nith Inshore RescueCaerlaverock is home to many whose lives either have been or are still directly influenced by the sea. While the ships that plied the Nith estuary centuries ago may no longer be around their spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of those who are still captured by the lure of the swirling tides and fast flowing currents that make the area so specially intriguing.

Unfortunately these beguiling waters lapping on Caerlaverock's shores can be treacherous at times and are often underestimated by uninformed people who venture forth in small boats or by walkers who are tempted to carry on  - just that little further out - perhaps to catch a glimpse of a rare bird or plant. This can be a grave mistake of course but it is precisely where Nith Inshore Rescue step in and precisely why their work has been so highly regarded and formally recognised.

Nith Inshore Rescue is a voluntarily funded service that was established in 1981 following the tragic drowning of a man who found himself trapped on a sandbank. This had happened too many times before and it was decided there and then to mount a massive fund raising effort and to use the funds to buy a life boat and set up Nith Inshore Rescue. Those involved have never looked back and having launched their first boat in 1982 Nith Inshore Rescue continue to offer a service which is unfortunately frequently in demand.

Meeting the increasingly rigorous legal codes of practice is an ongoing challenge for all involved. The life boat has to be upgraded and sometimes changed on a regular basis. Donations are always welcome from people who wish to support this invaluable service which has proved its worth time and time again. For full details of Nith Inshore Rescue go to www.nithrescue.org.uk 

In June 2012 the crew received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. They were also presented to HRH Princess Alexandra when she performed the official opening ceremony at Caerlaverock Tea Room and Shop in September 2012.


Photographs - © Allan Devlin

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