"Caerlaverock -
where the unique balance of agriculture, wildfowling and conservation brings people and wildlife together for the benefit of both."

National Scenic Area - Caerlaverock

National Scenic Area

Caerlaverock sits within the nationally designated Nith Estuary 'National Scenic Area.'
This area includes Caerlaverock's sands, mudflats and salt marshes creating an astoundingly open vista with vast, spell-binding skies. Technically however this designated area covers both the eastern and western shores of the estuary so you have two options to explore!

A short hike from Caerlaverock Castle takes you up to tree-topped 'Wardlaw,' once the site of an Iron Age fort. From here one can marvel at the views across the estuary to the summit of Criffel, which always seems to cast its own particular spell on the surrounding landscape according to  the nature of the seasonal weather.

And there is another magnificent view to be enjoyed, from  Drumburn Viewpoint on the opposite shore, a few miles south of New Abbey. From here you can clearly survey all that Caerlaverock has to offer - and enjoy it, from a distance.  


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