"Caerlaverock -
where the unique balance of agriculture, wildfowling and conservation brings people and wildlife together for the benefit of both."

Wildfowling at Caerlaverock Estate


For visitors

Wildfowling takes place during the permitted season, around dawn and dusk between the 1st of September and the 20th of February. When the geese fly between roost and feeding areas, the wildfowler hides with his dog and gun, in a wet muddy creek to win the chance of bagging a goose for the table. Caerlaverock has a long tradition of local people harvesting wildfowl and this practice continues to contribute to the conservation of the birds' habitat.

An unsuspecting walker may feel alarmed if they suddenly come across a wildfowler and his dog in the marshes at dusk,  but rest assured while it doesn't happen very often; this is perfectly normal!  Wildfowling is not exclusive and it's important to note that anyone can go wildfowling as long as they are licensed to do so.
Wildfowlers must have a permit which is available over a designated zone within the national nature reserve. These permits are accepted from 1st July onwards on a limited first-come-first served basis and can be obtained from Scottish Natural Heritage.

Click here for more information on how to get a permit for Wildfowling.

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